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November 13, 2014

Odds and Ends 11/14/14

Happy Friday, y'all! A lot has been happening around here lately. James and I have been busy organizing our small space to make room for the little man who arrives in just a few weeks (!), which has been challenging but also kinda fun. I'll take a few pictures when everything is set up and ready to go. We've been so lucky to receive so many nice things for the baby from family and friends. A lot of it has to be packed away until we move in January, but I can't tell you how excited I am to unpack everything and set up Archie's nursery next year. We are going to have such a good time putting his room together!

My friend Lindsay's new space, 200 Mill, opened on the Marietta square last week, and I am so proud and thrilled for her -- it is a beautiful shop. She shares 200 Mill with two other talented artists, Dana Poor and Ashley Woodson Bailey. These photos were taken right before their grand opening -- aren't they gorgeous?! (See even more photos here.) I was flattered to be asked to sell some of my NMP goodies in their shop. Those are some of my cards and stamps below, in good company with Gunner & Lux and Yes Ma'am Paper Goods!

Y'all know I love my Athens, but Marietta has it going on. So many creative gals are living in that neighborhood, making great things happen all the time! I'm happy to call some of them my friends from afar -- a few of them I've actually never met in real life but consider them my friends through the Web (social media is great that way!) Sometimes I have to admit, I wish Athens was a teeny tiny bit closer to Atlanta...

...but then, I'll pass on the traffic. I miss living in the city, but I don't miss all that traffic! Oy. 

A few links and other fun things to share before the weekend:

So many of these made me laugh out loud. The first one especially.

My new fave Etsy shop, Smile Mercantile. I want it all.

Loving this amazing holiday wreath -- so unique and pretty!

Books that can change your life.

Etsy recently featured my New Orleans address stamp in their newsletter! Yay!

Also super excited that Martha Stewart Weddings featured my maps on their site!  All the squeals.

I hope y'all have a great weekend! -- Natty

All photos by Rustic White Photography

November 5, 2014

Currently Loving: Big Stuffed

I've been poking around online for the perfect toys and accessories for Archie's future room, and when I stumbled across these beautifully crafted stuffed animals by fashion designer Dana Muskat, I stopped dead in my tracks -- how cute and fabulous are they?! Dana says on her homepage that each underwater creature has "real feelings." I kinda love that.

You can see these and more in her Etsy shop, "Big Stuffed." I think my favorite is the whale with the blue eyes -- he looks so soft and cuddly!

Which one of these guys speaks to you?

All photos courtesy of Dana Muskat

October 29, 2014

My Fave Registry Option -- Babylist

Have y'all heard of Babylist? I recently registered with them, and I think it's such a great alternative to the traditional registry. I was running into a problem with lots of big box stores as I shopped around for what I'd like for Archie -- I liked a few things at Target, a couple at Pottery Barn, and some items I wanted were only sold through Amazon. But it would be crazy to have a million registries with just a few items on each one! Babylist is the perfect solution: you can register for anything on the web from any store and add it to one list. My list included items from Target, 4moms, Amazon, Etsy, Bla Bla -- even Zappos! (Zappos carries the diaper bag I want!) You can even register for things like meals after the baby is born, prenatal massages or babysitting. It's super easy -- kind of like pinning. And as y'all may know, I'm really good at pinning.

I created an inspiration registry with many of the goodies I've registered for and already love here, if you care to see. All I need is the munchkin to add to the mix! So, in short: Babylist rocks. Check it out and consider making one of your own if you have a bambino on the way.

In partnership with Babylist. All opinions and thoughts expressed here are my own. I really do think Babylist is awesome, and I really did create a real registry through their site!