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December 10, 2014

Happy holidays!

Happy holidays! They're creepin' just around the corner. And so is our little one's birthday. Yesterday, (my due date), came and went without little Archie's arrival, so now we're officially in "impatient" mode over here. I actually feel ok for being 9 months pregnant at the moment, and I want to give him a chance to come into the world on his own without any medical intervention until it's completely necessary. However, as of Monday he still hasn't dropped, and I was still dilated at 1 cm. I've been there for a couple of weeks now. If Archie hasn't arrived by Thursday evening and I haven't dilated any further, I go to the hospital to get some help from the drug Cervidil. Hopefully that will do its magic and get things moving. If a day goes by and my body still isn't cooperating, I'll be induced as a last resort. In any event, I can't believe that this time next week we'll have our long-awaited bundle of joy. Merry Christmas to us!

But before I go have this baby, I have some mid-week odds and ends to share...

The best books of 2014, according to Goodreads users.

Throwing back to last Christmas: DIY vintage globe ornaments + homemade marshmallows!

My 2014 gift guide, in case you missed it. 

Love, love, love these little deer ornaments via The Hunted Interior. Sadly, my Target was sold out.

Can I listen to this song on repeat while I'm in labor?! 

New fave blogger: Kristin of Ella Claire. Her Christmas posts and decor are absolutely stunning.

Small biz ladies: love this tutorial about how to insert social media icons into your email signature.

Mid-century Putz houses -- a fun DIY!

This hat would be the talk of the holiday party. DIY, anyone?

I hope you all have a great rest of the week! Cross your fingers that this baby starts moving towards the light! xo -- Natty

December 3, 2014

Gifts for Him + Her 2014

It's my favorite time of year! I know it's not all about what's under the tree, but I have to admit, I have fun finding the perfect gift for the people I love at Christmas -- store bought and handmade. My mom and I always go out for Black Friday shopping (but not in the middle of the night!). I can't believe I even went this year since I waddle instead of walk. My feet didn't look too hot when the day was over, but I scored some great loot, so we'll call it a win. I've been hitting up the local craft markets as well, and I'm half-hoping Archie stays put long enough so I can go by the Indie South Fair and possibly score a few more handmade goodies in town this weekend. (But then again, he can come early if he'd like. That would be fine!) Here are some of my favorite things this year for the ladies and the guys. What are you gifting to your loved ones this Christmas?

1. Custom Family iPhone Case by My Little Buffalo; $30.00+ // 2. Fine Art Prints by Emily Jeffords; $25.00 // 3. SMEG Mixer (it's so beautiful!); $449.95 // 4. Rosie Jane Candle Votive Set (and you can use the votives as glassware later!); $38.00 // 5. Technicolor S&P Shakers; $30.00 // 6. Simplified Planner by Emily Ley; $58.00 // 7. Wine Book Tote by Emily McDowell; $20.00 // 8. Rubber Stamps by yours truly! $18.00 - $55.00 // 9. Waring Milk Shake and Drink Mixer; $159.95 // 10. Digging the new white Keurig; $119.00 //

1. Monocle Speaker, $49.99 // 2. "This Place" screen print by Old Try, $42.00 // 3. Wide Angle lens for iPhone, $22.00 // 4. Mini Beer Pong; $75.00 // 5. FRYKAT Picnic Grill; $68.00 // 6. 4-Port USB travel charger, $29.99 // 7. Bow ties by Forage; $78.00 // 8. Leather Key Fob, $37.00 // 9. Beard Pack; $39.99 // 10. Buffalo check throw by C. Wonder; $68.00 //

December 1, 2014

Lately in Utero

My parents (Gigi and Gramps), James and me in the north Georgia mountains

I thought it was about time for a little Archie-in-utero update since the last one was several weeks ago. Today marks the beginning of week 39 -- I'm almost to the finish line! Everyone was right -- the fall flew by fast with visits from friends, football weekends, showers, Thanksgiving and now...we wait. I haven't been nervous about giving birth until recently. I guess I'm apprehensive because I don't really know what to expect -- it's my first time to this rodeo. Will my water break? Will labor be quick and painful or long and painful? (Ha, ha.) I plan on getting an epidural, so thoughts have been entering my mind like, what if it doesn't work? What if something goes wrong and the left side of my body goes numb?! These are arguably reasons why not to get an epidural, I know. But my pain threshold is very low, and I can't imagine not getting one. Especially because last week the ultrasound technician guessed that Archie's already a whopping 8 pounds, 13 ounces, and my doctor said my pelvis is "average to below average." Not the greatest combo in the world, right?! I know his weight could be less, but judging from the size of my belly and the size of the babies in both our families, she probably wasn't too far off.

A few bullets about this pregnancy over the last several weeks:
  • Sleep is elusive these days. I bought a pregnancy pillow, and it worked for a short time until I got bigger. And now laying horizontally is just not comfortable no matter what I do. I prefer to sleep at an angle on the couch -- not ideal, but it gets me about 6 hours of sleep a night. I guess I should get used to lack of sleep, though, right?
  • My belly button finally popped out around week 35 (see above!) It might be weird, but I was kinda looking forward to that happening. 
  • We're slowly getting Archie's "corner" together in the apartment. My mom bought us the most beautiful bassinet, and his radio table is all set up for many a diaper change. Our rocking chair arrives this week, too! My friend Kaitie is planning on snapping a few photos of Archie in his element after he's born. I can't wait to share those here soon.
  • I made it to week 36 before I started swelling. One of my feet looks like it belongs to a hobbit, and my fingers are sore and won't allow my rings to fit anymore!
  • I've been freezing meals here and there to help us get by over the next several weeks. I'm no chef, so I welcome any suggestions! So far I've frozen a ham and spinach quiche, chili and lasagna. I'm all ears for favorite Crock Pot recipes, too!
  • My winter "pregnancy style" consists of my array of Pink Blush Maternity maxis and some of my wrap sweaters and capes that I can still wear over them. Footwear has been challenging due to the size of my swollen feet lately. I have a pair of clogs that are super comfortable that I've mostly been living in. I'm not going to lie, I miss my old wardrobe and my fun shoes! I'm looking forward to the day I can squeeze back into everything. 
  • My hospital bag is half packed at this point. I have a going home outfit for Archie, a robe (one pretty for photos and one that's jersey and comfortable), my breast feeding pillow, toiletries, and a list of other things to add like a few snacks, chargers, the iPhone, my Kindle and my camera. I need a going home outfit for myself, and probably a few other things I'm forgetting. Any must-haves, mamas out there?
  • Cervical exams hurt. Oww! I wasn't prepared for those. As of Friday I was 1 cm dilated and 50% effaced. That doesn't really mean much at this point, except that things are happening!

From left to right: 31 weeks, 35 weeks, 37 weeks, 38 weeks

The Bump continues to grow! So thankful for this little life -- we've waited so long for him, and I can't even begin to imagine the emotions I'll feel when we finally meet face to face! It'll be surreal, and I'm sure one of the best moments of my life. We can hardly wait. I'll be sure to keep y'all updated on Archie's arrival via Instagram, if you guys want to check in with me there! Until then...!