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October 29, 2014

My Fave Registry Option -- Babylist

Have y'all heard of Babylist? I recently registered with them, and I think it's such a great alternative to the traditional registry. I was running into a problem with lots of big box stores as I shopped around for what I'd like for Archie -- I liked a few things at Target, a couple at Pottery Barn, and some items I wanted were only sold through Amazon. But it would be crazy to have a million registries with just a few items on each one! Babylist is the perfect solution: you can register for anything on the web from any store and add it to one list. My list included items from Target, 4moms, Amazon, Etsy, Bla Bla -- even Zappos! (Zappos carries the diaper bag I want!) You can even register for things like meals after the baby is born, prenatal massages or babysitting. It's super easy -- kind of like pinning. And as y'all may know, I'm really good at pinning.

I created an inspiration registry with many of the goodies I've registered for and already love here, if you care to see. All I need is the munchkin to add to the mix! So, in short: Babylist rocks. Check it out and consider making one of your own if you have a bambino on the way.

In partnership with Babylist. All opinions and thoughts expressed here are my own. I really do think Babylist is awesome, and I really did create a real registry through their site! 

October 25, 2014

2014 Country Living Magazine Fair // Stone Mountain

Yesterday my mom and I went to Stone Mountain for the annual "Country Living Fair," and we had such a great time. "Country Living" is one of my favorite shelter magazines -- I think they do a great job appealing to a wide audience with their sense of style. It's right up my alley --  modern farmhouses and cottages with lots of eclectic vintage accents and unique decor ideas. I've always wanted to go to their annual fair held at Stone Mountain and it just never worked out with my schedule -- until now! Mom and I decided to take a Friday off so we could get all the goodies for "early birds." I'm so glad we did -- I feel like I made out like a bandit (scroll below to see what I went home with!)

Here are some inspiring photos from vendors' spaces. Many of them were set up like outdoor antique booths, full of amazing crafts and decor. I met so many awesome people and left wanting to go home and make things and rearrange the furniture. Always a good sign! 

Instant character for your taxidermy = add a hat!

Mom and me in front of a fantastic mountain of gourds and pumpkins!

What I left with:

Some of my treasures include a blue box (seen in the photo of my mom and me, above) -- I plan to use it in my market set-up for stationery. I love the shade of blue it's painted! I also found a 1971 flash card of a brown bear to frame in Archie's nursery, and a vintage clipboard that has a "Shannon Arch" metal clasp. I wonder how old it is? I think I'm going to display an art print on it and put it on a shelf in the new house. It's in perfect condition!

I was especially looking forward to the fair because my Nashville girls Christy Jo and Tracy set up a booth full of their beautiful vintage furniture pieces and rustic frames. (Tracy made the radio table I bought for Archie's nursery!) I picked up one of Tracy's handmade frames with a metal rose in the corner -- I'll find the perfect spot for it in the new house soon. 

Another great find: that little "snow globe" Christmas ornament below. I thought it was a steal for $10!

"Grandmother's Buttons" was probably one of my favorite booths at the fair. The ladies who own the business collect buttons and other clip on earrings, brooches and beads that are vintage and unique -- some are over a century old! I bought my mom a bracelet for her birthday (not pictured) that included buttons from the late 1800s. I couldn't leave without the equestrian ring above and the cameo ring below. I also snatched up a pair of aqua and purple stud earrings, too. I love the color combination -- so pretty!

Overall my mom and I had such a blast at the fair, and we'll be going back for sure -- it's our new fall mother/daughter tradition! For now I'm going to enjoy my goodies and look forward to next year...and their holiday issue, hopefully arriving in my mailbox soon. 

October 21, 2014

Our Maternity Photos

Last week a friend of mine, Caroline Singletary, snapped a few maternity photos at the Founders Garden for us. Caroline had to talk me into the shoot -- I wasn't all in at first. I was planning on having her come to the hospital to snap Archie's first photos, and I've hired my other friend Kaitie for a newborn/nursery shoot early next year, but maternity pictures weren't high on my list. I'm beyond thankful for this life that's growing inside of me, but I don't exactly feel like modeling in front of a camera lens right now with my puffy feet and big ol' belly (and tush!). Caroline talked me into it, though. She said I'd regret it if I didn't have a few photos to document this special time...and after thinking about it for a minute, I thought maybe she was right. I'm glad I listened to her -- these photos will be treasured by us forever. Thanks, Caroline!

It's hard to believe we only have 7 weeks until Archie makes his debut. We can't wait! Until then, the belly will continue to grow...